Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woodworking in America Conference look

Woodworking in America was focused for a weekend in Berea, Kentucky, but the world was a part.

You'll find my coverage of the conference was more about the stories and thoughts outside the classroom and tried to get a look into who are today's woodworker's.

You'll also find short Skype video reports from the conference posted over at the Folding Rule Blog. A daily rehash of going's-on at the conference. All four posts are accessible from this link.

The strength of internet woodworking as witnessed by conference coverage by other bloggers, is well done, and can also be found using the above link. You will also find a few words from the basement shop as I had the opportuntiy to talk with Matt Vanderlist the very first woodworking podcaster and creator of Matts Basement Workshop.

One last was a pleasure meeting all of you "furnitologist's" and thank you for the many kind words.

Enjoy........ Neil

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Silas Kopf ........a day in marquetry

So Gigi and I took a road trip to East Hampton, MA to visit the famed marquetuer Silas Kopf. The time went to fast.

Silas took us through the making of a tulip that I've weaved in and out of our discussions on what form follows,  materials, creativity,  to what gets you excited, and even touch on searching for what's next.

Silas takes us on a shop tour and introduces us to his right hand and cabinetmaker Tom Coughlin. He discusses a current cabinet in production and we hit on traveling to visit historical objects.

Silas has written a book titled A Marquetry Odyssey, that has a place in the woodworkers library and also the coffee table to enlighten those who visit.

Enjoy.......a podcast doesn't get much better than this!!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Justin DiPalma at the Wheaton Arts Craft Fair

So I met Justin DiPalma for the first time face to face in May 2008 in my kitchen. Our first introduction was through the internet and we decided to drive up to T-Chisel's shop in Boston for a woodworker's weekend together. A good friendship evolved. We talked woodworking and the direction of woodworking, his personal preferences to woodworking, dream pieces to build and then he mentioned a juried show he applied to. Justin hadn't heard if he'd been accepted yet. the 12 hour, the acceptance letter came. The BIG Hustle was on.

Under real tight time constraints, Justin met every objective including the completion of one of his dream pieces.......his interpretation of a Delaware Valley  Lowboy.

After observing Justin work in Boston and seeing his passion for the craft,   I had to see him in his first Craft Show.

Here's to Justin DiPalma.....stepp'in up a level.


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