Thursday, January 28, 2010

Furnitology Stuff

In this episode we'll play a bit of catch-up, tying previous episodes together and what's coming up. We'll mention the new DVD from Major League Woodworking, woodworking places I've been the past few months, and where you can find me on the web to learn a differnet view of woodworking.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why Woodwork

So George a very good friend of mine decided that during this holiday season, we would build a toy together for a charity organization. At the same time, I would be fulfilling a requirement for being a judge in the Saw Dust Chronicle 60 Day Challenge, arrange by Rick Waters.

The "Red Baron Flier" was the toy of choice. George who I don't see nearly enough is a very curious bloke. He dove right in with no complaints about the 13 hour first flite to building the fleet, and even insisted we start earlier then I wanted the next day. Together we got 90% completed in 2 days, attaching the tail section and finishing was my chore. In those 2 days of building, I had forgotten how much George and I laugh together, we are polar opposites that click. Seeing him get excited while machining a part and how proud he was of each assembly was just simply fun to watch.

George arranged for a Dec. 23rd delivery of our Fleet to the Pediatric Wing at Stony Brook University Medical Hospital. A difficult but at the same time, wonderful experience. That's all George. I love to laugh but I found myself hesitant at times.

Here's a picture of Grace and her Mom..........George asked why couldn't Grace aspire to be Amelia Earhart.

One reason Why we Woodwork!!!!

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