Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BUSY!! Haven't forgotten Saw Dust Challenge Table

The saw Dust Challenge table and video series has gotten caught up in other work. I haven't forgotten, just had to move it off to the side of my plate for now.

I'm extremely intrigued and caught up in a rather complicated piece for the past 5 weeks. I'm trying a new technique and the results are what I expected. They are good and show loads of potential. Working the machines well, is working the machines. What is making this piece complicated is the veneer selection being used and the layout. Or simply said, the design constraints I've placed on myself.

Over the past 20 or so months I've been engrossed in the study of form and communicating visually. The study has taken me away from viewing furniture and more into color, textiles, graphics, varying center points, on and on. I have my reasons. But combining a new form with sound visual communication is where I'm headed. I've expanded my knowledge base but at the expense of my viewers. Sorry about that, but down the road there's more to share with you. You may have heard me say often, "I don't like going backwards, I like what's in front".
When completed I will get back on the Saw Dust Chronicles Challenge video, and fill you in on this piece.
Stay tuned.....and check back at the end of February 2011 as I go after what is turning into a fun project.
All projects build off of what you've built before. Much of what I've been experimenting with this past 20 months, keeps showing up.
Quite an interesting process for me.
In the infamous words of General Douglas MacArthur......... "I shall return".

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