Thursday, January 28, 2010

Furnitology Stuff

In this episode we'll play a bit of catch-up, tying previous episodes together and what's coming up. We'll mention the new DVD from Major League Woodworking, woodworking places I've been the past few months, and where you can find me on the web to learn a differnet view of woodworking.


Al Navas said...


It is great to see you back on the air - we have missed you! It was also good to learn what you have been doing, and what you have involved in. Thanks!


Mike Lingenfelter said...


Glad to see a new post. Maybe you have said in the past, but who (which site) have you ordered lumber from before? I haven't bought lumber online yet. My local selection hasn't had what I've been looking for lately. I thought I would look online and see what they have to offer.


Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hey Al and Mike.....thanks for watching. Going to put a bit higher priority on posting more.

Over the past 18 months, time has been spent figuring out how designs will flow through production, have visited many, many manufacturers and not done yet. I'm not seeing where my thinking fits yet. My area (Long Island), has tons of metal and plastic machinery, for aerospace industry. NO wood cutting in the area I see design oppotunity. Not surprising after all, I live in the cradle of aviation, not Lenoir, North Carolina. Not done yet though, but it takes alot of time. My Brothill Plant Mgr then Manufacturing VP now retired in NC, has been an unbelieveable help.

Mike....oddly, the company I purchased from in the past was Internet Lumber, in searching a link for you, it seems they are out of business. When my wood came in damaged, there customer service was great...

The key is to remember that a UPS or FedEx driver has to move the load around, if its to heavy it will get dragged, if it is out of balance they will understandably drop it before hurting themselves. I thought Hearn squeezed me a bit on price, and I had to internet purchase a minimum dollar amount which I felt was high.

Of course ideally we'd both preferr to pick out our own lumber, but LI has limted sources, my reason early on (80's) to go after constructing in flat panel, then later laying my own veneer.

Again Al and Mike....thanks for watching.


Mike said...

Hi Neil,

It is great to see Furnitology Productions back in action on the web. I think last time we chatted was at Tommy’s RISD presentation. I will definitely stop by the home show and say hello. Not to worry, I will keep my hands off your work as the finish may still be tacky, ha, ha, ha…..

With the fixer-upper house, a mischievous 3 year old and long days at the office there is little shop time left at the end of the day. I do pop into the 207 frequently and lurk about but not much time to post. If you recall, a few years ago when we first met at Tommy’s shop I was giving you the details of my kitchen remodel; well the kitchen is finally taking shape. I spent the better part of the summer and fall framing, siding, insulating, pulling wire, sweating pipes and dry walling. It has been an adventure to say the least. Nonetheless, I still managed to complete a few projects and one of these days I will get a few pictures up at the 207. I am little nervous because one of my projects contains a lot of plywood – I know you will have my back if any of the purist at 207 give me a hard time.

I look forward to viewing your future posts and touching base with you at the home show.


Medford, MA

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hey tell security at the Woodworking EXPO booth you know me and they'll let you under the velvet rope... :^)

I absolutely remember our kitchen conversation, and do I have a story for you based of that conversation and my plywood braggadocio. Been waiting to tell you when I saw you again.

Mike e-mail me...with a subject heading I will recognize....some of the guys are taking off to CT on Saturday to see Will Neptune demonstrate and Mussey the Thomas Seymour afficionado. We'll get you in the loop on this. It's definitely Saturday.


David Pruett said...

Neil -

What a treat to see a video post from you . . . always cool to see what you are up to and the happenings from your shop!

You " obviously cleared the decks" touched on a lot of great things. I so much wanted to get a better look at that rolled up sheet of paper with the marquetry design . . . really piqued my interest there!

B said...


I found your blog today.. Way cool.


Anonymous said...

Like the others....glad to see you back, and I'm excited to see what you are planning for the Boston show.
Len Reinhardt

Ronaldo said...

Hey Neil

always a pleasure exchanging with you!!


Anonymous said...


Vic Hubbard said...


It's great to finally know all the places I can find you. I knew about the 207 thread, but was unaware of your blog at Wood mag's site. I'll head there and catch up!


Bruce Somers AKA FlWoodRat said...


It was a blast meeting you in Boston. Loved the prototype lamp sculpture. Oh, and I found a place locally to buy LI Duck.

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