Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kaleo Kala at the Architectural Digest Home Show

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Enjoy this video as Kaleo Kala takes you on a personal tour of his booth at the 2010 Architecturl Digest New York Home Show. Having followed Kaleo's woodworking through the internet as many of you have, I felt it a great opportunity to met Kaleo and give him the opportunity to show us his work in a professional environment.
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David Pruett said...

Neil –

I was out of town for a week and it was a really neat surprise to come home and spot a new Furnitology video posting. There is some really excellent stuff here. Many thanks for sharing this with us. I recall following Kaleo from the beginning when he blogged his journey thru school and then out to his first experiences upon leaving school. I recall his chair and it is interesting to see the small “baby chair” develop as a natural progression of his line of furniture. I am fascinated with the fluid nature of the coffee table. The ability to change the look and utility of the table has a very practical utilitarian appeal. I think he has developed a wonderful living room suite. More importantly, I was very intrigued with his closing statement referring to the break down and flat packing nature of the console table. That would make a very interesting conversation on its own.

Eli said...

Neil, you're always so sneaky with your videos. And don't think I didn't find that one from the Home Show ;). This was a great one. I really like the dynamic coffee and console tables. It was a very complete and unified set, without being repetitive. I particularly like the experiment with the leather-strap shelf.


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