Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Justin DiPalma: Growth of a Craftsman - 2010 WoodExpo -Boston, MA

David Pruett of the Folding Rule Blog, shot this interview with Justin DiPalma. Having met Justin three years ago during a road trip to Tommy MacDonald's shop, I recognized his approach to working wood as one that leads to superior growth. I decided at the time that I would follow Justin's work.

Since we first saw Justin at the 2008 Wheaton Arts and Craft Fair, he has returned to the Wheaton Show, exhibited in a local Gallery during the 2009 Thanksgiving to New Years Holiday season and now has produced a new piece for Tommy MacDonalds WoodExpo held at the New England Home Show.

You will also see the slant top desk Justin showed at the 2009 Wheaton Show.

Enjoy and see the growth in a Craftsman.


Ace HoleInOne said...

Bravo Justin...amazing work. Neil thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Al Navas said...


Thanks for this wonderful highlight!


Congratulations! I was hoping to be able to see your work at some point, as I regretted not being able to make the show in person. I look forward to more in the future!!!


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