Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Started with Woodworking - Part 1

With the Fall Building Challenges just around the corner. The beginning woodworker should be taking advantage of the sponsors schwag. With minimal tools to get started and the right designs, getting involved in a wonderful craft is easy and more imposrtantly, rewarding. This is part 1 of an series that will introduce the new woodworker to getting started in the craft. 3/4" - Surfaced 2 Sides(S2S) material is all you need and the proper aproach to create the most aesthetically pleasing object out of your material. Come along for the ride and maybe you too will add woodworking to your personal resume.
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


azwoodshop said...


I have recently come across your website and I am very impressed! I have also subscribed to your podcast and have already watched all of the archived videos! I enjoy seeing your enthusiasm for the craft and I want you to know that I find the content that you distribute to be very inspiring! Long live the craft!

Spencer Bates

David Pruett said...

Outstanding! That's the Neil I know . . . very inspirational. You are so spot on with this video. Good solid basic information that gets lost in other woodworking discussions as the level is elevated to the overly expensive or esoteric. These are the tips and recommendations that can get someone involved in a very satisfying hobby with minimal investment while still having the where with all to build solid projects and enter some challenge builds. Seems like a win - win situation! Very good stuff Neil!

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Thanks Spencer says:

Long Live the Craft!!!!

Ace HoleInOne said...

Neil it’s good to see you in the shop again. May new and not so new, Woodworkers take notice of your message!!!!

Are you going to produce more content on a regular basis, whats in the pipeline? skill sets, projects?


Long live the craft.....!!!!

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Ace..........better yet....great to see your name pop up.


Ace, I'm going to try to do more content. The past 2 years have been exciting. We all know where housing is and I took advantage and have been experimenting and researching available machinery in a 1.5 hr driving radius of my shop. There's a few guys out there who know what I've been up too. David (above) is one of them. Also, I spoke to an Advanced Furniture Design class at Oswego State University, that was really exciting and as you know have been helping Tommy with his forum. Been keeping woodworking busy, just not on my stuff.

I plan to go back and pick-up my loose projects...they where all article related and were either to complicated or just simply rejected. I believe I understand the submission process better now, but that doesn't really mean anything, alot has to do with the magazines unknown (to us) agenda.

Ace.... I am hoping to get a bit more consistant, by providing more written posts to fill-in for the video editing time requirement. My personal work will always come first though.

Ace........I really appreciate your contact.


Mark Mazzo said...


Great to see you posting again. I like the "start from the start" approach. You know my thoughts on letting our tools ( or lack thereof) dictate what we can do in the shop.

The Craftsman's Path

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hey are you, another name I enjoy seeing.

I know exactly how you feel about designing within the constraints of your tooling:

Those interested, this is an excellent blog post with very good comments.

Thanks Mark....Neil

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