Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Justin DiPalma at the Wheaton Arts Craft Fair

So I met Justin DiPalma for the first time face to face in May 2008 in my kitchen. Our first introduction was through the internet and we decided to drive up to T-Chisel's shop in Boston for a woodworker's weekend together. A good friendship evolved. We talked woodworking and the direction of woodworking, his personal preferences to woodworking, dream pieces to build and then he mentioned a juried show he applied to. Justin hadn't heard if he'd been accepted yet.

THEN.............at the 12 hour, the acceptance letter came. The BIG Hustle was on.

Under real tight time constraints, Justin met every objective including the completion of one of his dream pieces.......his interpretation of a Delaware Valley  Lowboy.

After observing Justin work in Boston and seeing his passion for the craft,   I had to see him in his first Craft Show.

Here's to Justin DiPalma.....stepp'in up a level.


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Mike said...


I have been following “Building for Show” over at the Rough Cut Forum and it was a pleasure to see the finished product on video. It is great to see you supporting craftsmen like Justin, thank you for bring us his story.

The pieces were impressive and the fine craftsmanship showed. Justin’s attention to detail makes all the difference. As a woodworker I can truly appreciate the level craftsmanship involved in building the traditional pieces. There are no jigs that I know of that will make the feet on the lowboy – that is pure craftsmanship. Personally, from an aesthetic standpoint I like the modern Shaker table the best. I can envision a piece like this in my own home – it fits my taste/style in furniture. The Shaker piece also caught my eye because it was a modern interpretation of a traditional style. I have been eager to merge classic design and technique with a more modern piece in my own work.

(Medford, MA)

Al said...


Thanks for bringing us Justing and his work. I have also been following at The Rough cut Show - and this video puts it all in focus.

To Justin: Congratulations for your craftsmanship, dedication, and making it to the show!

I am glad to be able to view this, as it is so important that you and others emphasize the importance of our younger craftsmen. There is *nothing* that will take its place, as they gain experience and expertise.

Reinhardt said...

First, thanks for taking the time and effort to put together this video. It's a valuable and motivating to see designs and the craft being shown and sold (I'd be interested to know if Justin received any commissions from the show). Also, thanks for asking Justin and discussing how he finished his presentation items. I've seen too many projects that were excellent builds, but the focus was lost in the final step.

David Pruett said...

Neil -

Another great episode! What a treat to see a successful first show for Justin with a well executed suite of pieces on display. His craftsmanship is evident. What I found most entertaining is Justin's passion and knowledge while remaining very humble in face of that beautiful lowboy. Congratulations Justin on a job well done! It will be interesting to see where you are in 5 years and to touch base for a follow up interview.


brianm said...

Justin, Beautiful pieces. What I am so impressed with is that you are essentially self taught. Is that not right? Your willingness to just build things and make mistakes (I saw none in these piece)and not get caught up in them but to learn from them is inspiring. Wow.

Justin said...

First and foremost, please let me say thank you to Neil for making the trip to do the interview. Back when I first meet him, I had asked Neil to come down if I was accepted to the show. Never did I think he would bring his camera. Heck, I did not know that he was coming for sure until the week before show. So thank you Neil, for the good times and letting the world see what I am trying to do with my life.

For the most part I am self taught. I have always been able to pick up bits and pieces and just learn the process from there. I still have a lot to learn and even more to build in my lifetime.

As for commissioned work, I have not received anything yet directly from the show. But I have picked up work from people that heard I had done the show.

As of right now, this is a night and weekend thing. But if things get busier I will have to have a talk with the big boss man (my Dad)

Thanks for all the kind words everyone,

Justin DiPalma

Vic Hubbard said...

Another ispiring episode, Neil!
Great work Justin! I can't wait to get started on my own journey.
I'm hoping to get an opportunity to try more traditional styles, but first comes filling our house. That will entail more contemporary pieces. Maybe after I have that done, I can do some spec pieces..who knows? Thanks again Neil.

Neil....a Furnitologist said...
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