Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wendell Castle Interview - Part 2

Here's the conclusion to our time with Wendell Castle. We dive in again and touch all aspects of his career. Starting where we left off at "Extreme" to how he uses the digital world in his work today. Wendell in passing even mentions the weak dollar and its effect on his building.

I hope you enjoy the conclusion as much as I enjoyed preparing us for Wendell Castle. 

Remember, Wendell Castle showed us how to look at furniture differently. So whether we are designing a Delaware Valley interpretation of Chippendale or entering the Design Process intent on a personal build..... look differently and move the target back!!!!!!



David Pruett said...

Neil -

Typing with one hand so, so a short and sweet comment.

Thanks for an incredible journey and education. My view of woodworking, furniture and design will forever be peered thru a special lens because of you.

Many good things to take away from these interviews. And of course they lend themselves to being watched again to pull out even more detail.

"If you're not making mistakes you're not making anything".

"Move the target back" . . . I think this is my favorite!

Thank you for bringing us this wonderful conversation with Mr. Wendell Castle. Moreover, thank you to you and Gigi for all the hard work.


Al said...


Amazing! A wonderful conclusion to the two-part interview.

I totally agree - seminal, wonderful, full of discovery into the Castle mind and experience, and learning to push back the target. In my case, a little bit at a time...

My hat's off to you and to Gigi for the wonderful experiences you create and share!

Tom said...

Neil -

Thanks for bringing us interviews with the movers and shakers of furniture making and woodworking. The contrast is interesting. From Build, Build, Build, to Design, Design, Design.

Keep up the great work.


Vic Hubbard said...

Absolute great fun! What a gift to sit and talk with a long time
inspiration in your life. Your excitement could hardly be contained and rightly so. You keep introducing us to the great designers and also teaching us good principles of design. Always a pleasure.


John Fry said...

Congratulations Neil, on nailing down a wonderful interveiw.

I really enjoyed this 2-parter. What a great innovator and genius of design Mr. Castle is. Editing the "flashes" of some of his well known pieces into the interveiw was brilliant. It was great to have his work refreshed in my mind. I had forgotten about his spectacular "Ghost Clock".

He has covered a vast range of styles over the years... I hope he has many more years of work to share with us.

Once again, you and Gigi have done a wonderful job!


Mark Mazzo said...


Great conclusion to the interview with Wendall Castle.

I really enjoyed hearing his insights on the craft and his art.

The enlightening quotes are probably too numerous to mention but, the one that sticks is probably that if you're hitting the target every time, the target is too close. Really gets you thinking about stretching further in all aspects of your work.

The other thing that I thought was very interesting was his point about he design being the focal point and to not allow it to be obscured by either the material or the craftsmanship. I've written about "simple and elegant design" - I think that Mr. Castle's points are a great extension of that concept. Very cool!

Keep up the great work, Neil!

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