Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beginning Woodworking Part 3 - Finishing DVD Critique

Adding to the beginning woodworker series, here's part 3.

I critique a new finishing DVD produced by Popular Woodworking Magazine.

Have a listen and begin to think about finishing as a seperate skill. A skill ; needed to be a successful woodworker.


David Pruett said...

Neil –

This is a very well done video critique and review of the Popular Woodworking “10 Commandments of Finishing” DVD by Steve Shanesy. I appreciate how you present the material giving us the positive along with areas of potential improvement. I also like how you refer to finishing as a separate skill. Finishing is certainly a skill with many areas to explore after developing a solid and “reproducible” foundation.

I am thankful that there is a voice such as yours speaking to the beginning woodworker. Your “Beginning Woodworker Series” addresses a number of important issues, not the least of which is the need to filter out all the clutter in the woodworking conversation directed at the beginning woodworker. So much of this dialog focuses on the minutia, personal preference or financial gain. It is easy for the beginning woodworker to get derailed and off course.

Thank you for your dedication for teaching and sharing your knowledge.

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hey David....glad you see the value, others should too. Next is my Design approach which I'm excited about....going to try and clear some misinterpretations there also.

David....woodworking is just not as complicated as individuals like to think it is. If all the thought about the next post of minusia went into the act of woodworking, the internet woodworking community would be better for it. I'm hoping this begins to sink in over time. Butas we've talked, its still all new.

The WoodExpo is doing OK, my calender has us close to schedule...... need to stir the pot a bit. We are behind in the Call for Entries now. Thought we would have heard by this week. I'm on it and we'll give it a shove over the next few days.

I'm noticing forms of our theme mentioned around the internet so we have a good topic to build on. I've contacted loosely, some local internet Boston guys to be ready and they are curious.

Say hey to everybody....Neil

Todd A. Clippinger said...


Excellent critique.

I love how you stressed who the information in the DVD's is targeting and why it is valuable to them.

Often people will give an inaccurate critique because the information is above them or below them and they seem unable to discern this issue.

I agree with the 2 finishes for beginners. They are the easiest to control and apply at the beginner level and a person can start their finishing journey there.

I am curious myself now about all the other information that the DVD's contain.

Thanks again for an articulate and well thought out critique of the video set.

Todd in Montana

Anonymous said...

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