Thursday, June 2, 2011

WoodExpo 2012 - Call for Entries

WoodExpo 2012 is again on track for another fantastic Woodworking event. Here you'll be introduced to the event and its Call for Entries. WoodExpo is about providing the opportunity for you to present your work.

This video explains the two categories of entry and stresses the objective of mixing experinece with up and comers.

Have a listen, hopefully get inspired and be a part of WoodExpo 2012.
Here's the Rules and Eligibility.


swedishiron said...

You got me all psyched to make some sawdust and get out in the shop! Thank you brother for being passionate about what you do and always trying to push the craft to the next level. Looking forward to next years WoodExpo and hope my piece makes the cut.

Bruce Somers said...


AWESOME Production Buddy. I'm looking forward to WoodExpo2012 and seeing all the finely crafted pieces on display. Seems like WoodExpo2011's winners Tom MacLaughlin and Freddy Mac hit it big time. See you in February!!

Anonymous said...

wow..that was wicked wicked talk with your hands as much as me!! the wood expo is in great hands :)

Tommy Mac said...

WOW what a great call,i know 2012 will be great as long as your involved.

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