Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get Woodworking

So this week, Tom’s Workbench says to get woodworking.

At first I thought it was for the woodworking community to get woodworking but I see now its about bringing new blood into the craft of woodworking.

So here’s my contribution for the individual just simply curious about woodworking. You know, the person who has seen a few YouTube videos, has a bit of space, no tools, but wonders that if I’m gonna just do it, what do I just do next??

My suggestion is to somehow get a visual as to what you believe you might need in order to make something out of wood. Something that will explain lumber, a visual of different tools, a description of those tools, an intro to sharpening, adhesives, pictures of the different joinery, fasteners, boring tools, and even a plan for a simple cabinetmakers bench to get you started.

Since woodworking is all about the visual of your finished project, you need to start with Woodwork Visualized, by Ross C. Cramlet. Pick it up used for a few bucks.

My copy, a second edition, is over 30 years old. I found it no problem. It’s a super book to have at the ready. Woodwork Visualized, with certainty, will familiarize you with the craft of woodworking in picture format with limited reading.

Now that's a wonderful way to enter the woodworking craft.

So see what a board foot is, visualize first then pick-up a few lay out tools, see what you need to cut and shape the wood, look at your fastening options and just Get Woodworking.

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