Tuesday, February 13, 2007

more than just a Valentines Day gift!!!!

Take a look and see the steps to spindle turning a vase for Valentine's Day. No matter what the occasion, this is a gift fit for all..... Just change the flowers!!!!!


silver71 said...

Hello I am very impressed with your blog and hope to see more of your talents. I am a construction guy by trade and have built many different item's( desk, beds, some cabinets, selving ect...) but I am just now starting to get into woodworking as a hobby,,I am hoping to buy a lathe (my next tool!!!) soon and I am excited to try and make something as nice as this vase you made! well good luck and hope to see more of your vid's soon

Paul Guise said...

That was great. Im bummed I didnt see this before V-day but its still a great lesson.


Greg said...

I was very impressed with the vase; however, I was looking for a bit more intruction on just how to use the lathe. If you have time in the future would you touch upon more detail.

Great job and I am sure your spouse enjoyed the item

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