Thursday, February 22, 2007

Building a Contemporary Lingerie Cabinet

The first installment in the Design and Construction of a Lingerie Cabinet.

Dimensional Sketch below.

Contemporary design elements, the likes of quarter sawn ash veneer, ebony drawer pulls with a polished chrome highlight and complimentary polished aluminium feet, make this build unlike others.

Webisode 1 will expose you to the thought of mixing the medium, panel glue-up and machining of edge banding.

The Ash Lingerie Cabinet project will expose you to a building style that will open up your future woodworking experience.


Anonymous said...

Neil - Awesome site! Looking forward to learning a lot.

Curious about your nterest in DJ DePree and the Michigan Star Furniture Company. An early furinitue designer.

After watching your first video, I pulled out one of my first woodworking books - A Cabinetmakers Notebook by James Krenov - which I purchased a numebr of years ago.

Keep up the great work. It will be fun to follow your progress!

Best Regards,

TCM said...

Thank you for providing these informative videoblogs. If a picture is worth a thousand words... well, I've lost count with these videos. There GREAT! You mentioned in your first video about DJ DePree, and me being from the Midwest (actually Grand Rapids, Michigan - The Furniture Capital of the World), I did not realize the impact he had on the residential and office furniture industries. I read a bio on Dirk at The American National Business Hall of Fame website ( that told it all about the "Humanist Business Leader". All in all, vary interesting.

Ok, now a request. Please do a videoblog on veneering. This is one subject I need to learn about for an upcoming project. Do you do vacuum or plain ol’ layers and clamps? You know an interesting quote from Mr. DePree, he stated “We came to believe that faddish styles and early obsolescence are forms of design immorality, and that good design improves quality and reduces cost because it achieves long life which makes for repeatable manufacturing. By good design I mean design that is simple and honest. Materials should be used properly wood should be treated as wood, plastic as plastic and metal as metal. Things should look like what they are, with no fakery, no embellishment other than the material itself properly finished”.
Does that statement apply to MDF being veneered with Ash? Isn’t that fakery?

Keep up the good work,

Paul Guise said...

This looks to be a great project. I was always wanting to build a cabinet for my wife and this looks perfect for her (with some slight changes though since she likes cherry instead of the ash veneer).
Cant wait for the next videos.


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