Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ep 12 Carlo Mollino Design 03

In this the third installment on a furniture design inspired by Carlo Mollino, we prep our bending ply, build our bending form, and construct a fixture for a machine operation, specific to the router.

This woodworking podcast presents alot of woodworking material, you'll witness how traditional woodworking meets contemporary materials.

The episode expressed an opinion on how a furniture design is mentally pushed forward by always having a prepared solution.

This Carlo Mollino video continues to encourage and push the Basement Garage woodworker to explore furniture design.


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Glen said...

Neil, another excellent episode. I liked the custom jig you made with your router to cut the kerfs / grooves. It makes a lot of sense and I like how you easily zeroed the jig. I probably would have just tried to do it on the table saw and I suspect that I would have ended up frustrated due to movement / flex in the wiggle wood.

I must have missed it, but I didn't hear you say what the tape material is to smooth over the caul portions of the frame you built. It looked like some sort of vinyl or maybe melamime, but I couldn't tell for sure.

Speaking of cauls, I like how you integrated clamping points into pressing frame.

I think Ace's comment from last episode was on the mark. Not quite in a literal sense, but more of an abstract. The suggestion is there if Carlo's background is as Ace presented.

At a couple of points in the podcast, the audio got out of sync with the video pretty badly. I'm not sure if that's something you have any control over. In any case, I could certainly understand what you were getting at.

Mark Mazzo said...

Hey Neil,

Interesting episode. I especially found the section on leveling the form interesting.

At first I wondered why (as long as it was made with the same size sides)? But, after thinking about it I realize that for a piece like this you don't have the luxury of squaring components to keep the overall piece square and level when completed. The only way to assure the end result is to assure that the frm is accurate. Looking forward to thenext episode.


Ace HoleInOne said...

Just like in life, need to have that plan "B" ready in case things don't go as planed.

How about the rest of you, do ya think were getting to the point in the project… your heart jumps up to your throat?

Great work Neil.


Marc Spagnuolo said...

Excellent video Neil. I loved seeing all your tips and tricks for developing the bending form! An information PACKED episode!


David said...

Neil -

Well another outstanding episode! Great camera work! You really have some of the best woodworking video content on the internet both in terms of video quality and, more importantly, woodworking content. You really packed a lot in that last episode. Looking forward to the next installment.

Late reply as we are on vacation in Florida - returning home tomorrow. This is the first internet connection I have found in 8 days! Sitting outside a closed public library with my daughter! She is doing internet homework and I am quickly checking email. Won't be on long as battery is low - 10% and dropping!

Thanks for the shout out regarding my blog - very cool!



Best Regards,

Tom said...

Super video, again, Neil. I was wondering how you were going to cut the kerfs. Nice tip with the little router jig. Your content and descriptions, plus the detail that you take to explain your steps and your plan, make this series very interesting. One of my favorite portions was the solution you came up for a problem that you may or may not encounter. Excellent. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, came across your site via the John Niero video. i'm a fellow Art Center Student. we're on break now so i'm gonna dive into your past videos and suck up as much knowledge before spring term starts.

best, STU

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