Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ep14 Carlo Mollino 05

Well Carlo has us in amongst his work and it is wonderful. This episode the 5th in the building of a Carlo Mollino Coffe Table is loaded with different approachs to woodworking. It will open and fill-up your furniture designer's tool box.

I am hoping that as you watch you will see new options that you can use in your own work. An approach to clamping, using a router on curves more efficiently, and understanding that you must look for curviture.

It's been a while so enjoy and savor some new woodworking options!!!!!!!

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David Pruett said...

Neil –

Outstanding work as always! This was a truly awesome episode. You were in rare form! I can’t believe how much education you pack in each episode. This was no exception. As with prior episodes, and your Furnitology 101 DVD, I will have to watch this a number of times to glean all the little details. You definitely are pushing the work envelope of the garage / basement shop to a new level. “Carlo’s Plum Pudding” . . . a well chosen name for this piece! You have the attitude! I suspect you could paint a moustache on Mona Lisa in good style and get away with it!

David Pruett
Portland • Oregon

Mark Mazzo said...

Hey Neil,

Great episode! Lots of great practical advice on clamping strategies and using your tools and setups to arrive at your destination. You are definitely following along The Craftsman's Path as you progress through this project - thanks for the shout out!


The Craftsman's Path

John Fry said...


I love the look that the tapered cutouts on the sides give to the piece.

Curvilinear work can be very intimidating to many woodworkers, but the design potential that curves provide is endless. Although this type of work can be very challenging, your explanations and thought process to find solutions is fantastic and informative.

IOW, you not only show that you CAN paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa, you teach us how to decide which paint, brush, and strokes to use.

Great episode!


tommyboy said...

You did good, man. I agree about the music getting in the way sometimes. The videos get better with each new release.
Gigi deserves a bunch of credit.
Carlo, he's got to be proud.

Congrats to the guy with the new baby!!


Al said...


Terrific episode!

I learned several new techniques from you during this show. NOW I can tackle some projects I had in the back burner until I figured out the clamping issues.

You made it possible for me to take the leap, and to tackle something that would have been tougher than anything I've tried to date, without the knowledge.


------ Al

Vic and Sylvia said...

Sweet Neil, well worth the wait!

Tom said...

Hey Neil,

I've been looking forward to this episode like a little kid on Christmas eve. As always, jam packed with practical advice. One of the things that continues to impress me about your blog series is the message of individuality of process. "This is how I do it, but do it how you feel comfortable." The context of learning through the process, "thinking outside the box," if you will and expressing yourself in your design and your methods are very important lessons. Thank you, again, for taking the time to produce and edit these videos, and thank you Gigi for your efforts in getting this information out as well.

Happy New Year!

K and T Woodworking

Glen said...


Another tally in the excellent column.

Nice trick with the router base and different approach to clamping. "I'll never look at clamping the same way again!" :-) Very good points, and you always help me push my skills and knowledge to new levels.

The little sidecracks were great too. After the form building episode, it made me wonder how you would have reacted at this point had you actually drilled in the wrong spot.

I thought the opening credits / overlay worked well. It was a little hard to hear, but it looked good.

Ace HoleInOne said...

Old man winter must be blowing, I can tell, Neil is back to wearing his winter lid. :)

Thanks for sharing the idea of using the wiggle wood inside the 80 grit belt. Slick, simple and easy.

Happy New Year!


mokusakusensei said...

Great job! I am not sure that I have the patience to make the table let alone to make a video production as good as you have. Keep it coming. My only regret is that you can not make more of them.

Kaleo said...


Great episode, I love the different and innovative techniques. I know when building something new that it takes a lot of planning and thinking. Great design and execution..

Keith Mackenzie said...

As clearly pointed out in the previous comments, this was worth the wait, and apparently several of us wait for each episode to come out. Thanks to both of you for sharing your insight, pushing the envelope and taking us places other sources don't or can't.

Newport Rhode Island

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