Sunday, January 27, 2008

ICFF Hans Wegner and Knud Erik Hansen

January 26th 2007...... the Furniture Industry lost one of its Furniture Design Masters, Hans Wegner.

I had the opportunity to talk of Hans Wegner with Erik Hansen of Carl Hansen & Son a manufacturer of Hans Wegner's Designs.

Enjoy this interview and look further in thoughts of "Danish Modern", investigate the ethos of the Scandinavian woodworker.  There is do much to draw from.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


Vic said...

Thanks Neil!
I always love your podcasts for all the information I can't get anywhere else. It's the only one I take notes on when I watch. Thanks for the new homework assignment. By the way, I always love it when your podcasts are heavily laden with your knowledge of the modern furniture industries movement.

The Constant Pupil

David Pruett said...

Neil -

Another great podcast! It seems every time you post an episode, there are teasers that prompt research. Thank you so much for sharing your furniture design education with all of your viewers. Since I started following your podcast, I look at furniture with much different eyes. In my shop, I now build with a different set considerations. Just like your Furnitology 101 DVD, I watch these episodes many times. There is always some tidbit I glean. Looking forward to what is happening with Carlo's Plum Pudding!

Al said...

Thanks, Neil!

I have come to view your podcast as a gift. To me it is always a gift of terrific information, and historical perspective. And, of course, a wonderful learning experience - learning from your expertise.

See you at Carlo's...

Ace HoleInOne said...

The Furnitologist is turning 1 year old on February 07 2008? (Thursday) won't ya? Damn, 1 year old in Internet land… seems like only yesterday.

Heres a thought: Tell me and I forget…show me and I may remember…involve me and I'll understand…

(somebody once told me that years ago and it still makes sense today)

Thanks for all the late hours! Keep the faith brotha!!!

Happy Anniversary.


Tom said...

Hey Neil,

That was a very entertaining and informative episode. The interview was really quite good. Mr. Hansen is a very good ambassador of his company and of Mr. Wegner's designs and character.

Thanks for taking the time to share this one with us, and as usual, great camera work, Gigi!


Mads said...

Hi Neil,
Another great podcast! Keep up the great work!


Tong-Yang Lin said...

Thanks Neil!
I love this interview podcast, however, the 1st picture frame shows Hans Wegner 1915~2007 is not correct, it should be read as 1914~2007

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