Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fine Woodworking Book Review - Andy Rae

Here's a new twist to the offerings. We'll be reviewing a book published by the Taunton Press called Building Doors and Drawers: A Complete Guide to Design and Construction by Andy Rae.


One more loose end to pick up, Carlo is just around the corner.


David Pruett said...

Neil -

Great book review. Thanks! I've said it before and I will say it again . . . you have style! Very lively and honest discussion. Looking forward to adding this book to my library.

Can't wait to see what is going on with Carlo . . .

By the way, Happy 1-year anniversary! I love what you are doing and what you are teaching all of us.

Thank you!


Al said...

Terrific, Neil!

I also must say: CONGRATULATIONS on your first anniversary. And please, keep them coming.

Vic said...

Hey Neil,

Thanks for the review. I don't know how you find the time. I'm behind on all my reading both on and off-line.
As I get back into the shop to produce, I'm glad you're here to provide those nuggets of information.
You've told me before, but it was good to hear again. "Build around your tooling". The idea makes great sense, and is an "aha" moment as soon as you hear it.
Can't wait to see you channel Carlo again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Neil!

Great vid.... I dig Andy Rae... I watch and read a lot of his stuff on ... I'll have to pick that book up, it seems like it will be a good resource.

Keep up the great podcasting... I try to stay working in the shop and keep my typing reserved for T-Mac's Forum, but I thought I'd stop in and let you know I appreciate what you are doing.

thanks and take it easy


Bama5150 said...

I went and picked up this book based on your review earlier today. It just happens I have some drawers and doors that I need to build so the timing was perfect. This is an excellent resource and looks like it has everything I need to know to get the job done. Now i just need one on furniture legs.

John Fry said...

A great review Neil.

Your enthusiasm "shines" even for a book review, and it lets us know this is a great "text". I have Rae's Furniture and Cabinetmaking book and it is a great resource too. You are absolutely correct about his writing style.........He "Dives Ya" right into the subject matter. ;-)

Gigi's sense of humor is the greatest!

Keep up the great work...Both of you!


neil said...

Hey All.............glad the review is helpful, that's what its for. I see John makes mention of another of Rae's books as being a good reference and Dave "TC-Trained" McLaren is positive also. And Bama picked it up with good results. That's rewarding.

Vic I don't really do it, I always feel behind, no different then others posted above.

Gigi has 3 day weekend, Shooting Carlo Sunday(2/17) and Monday(2/18) see how far we get then edit. Shops got alot cook'in right now.


Tom said...

Hey Neil,

I appreciate your enthusiasm for this book. I've come to realize that the things that you recommend are worth are look.

Thanks for taking the time to make this. I think I need to add another book to the library!



tommyboy said...

I'm pumped! Appreciate the excitement and sincerity that explodes outta this review. Thanks for divin' me into Andy Rae's new book.


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