Saturday, April 12, 2008

Design - in the Balance

The Element of Design.........Balance usually starts and ends in discussion with a piece having visual balance and structural balance.

Lets take the element of balance one step further in the Design process. A place where its never thought of.

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Al said...


Another well-balanced production - I enjoyed it very much, as it addresses a critical manufacturing issue.

I look forward to the integration of this episode with Carlo's pieces.


Vic said...

That's great Neil,
I've seen some pieces that seem to defy physics and I'm sure the maker was using the same methods as you to find the balance point of the design.
Thanks for taking your audience into the often forgotten realm of design.
Always something new!

David Pruett said...

Neil –

You give us another excellent episode with lots of hints of things to come. Again you push our understanding of the design and manufacturing process reinforcing balance as a fundamental element. The stacked lamination piece looks very interesting. Now I’m wondering, how Neil is going to approach sculpting, what the final piece will look like, and who is the craftsperson we will meet. I also can’t wait to see how Carlo’s Plum Pudding turns out with that cool looking hardware. You always take us place where we would not likely go!

neil said...

Thank you-

Always something clever in the responses.

I was concerned that the point would be missed by having an "unbalanced production".

I'm happy, we got balance as a fundamental design element and the idea of balancing Carlo.

E-mails reference linear design or in relation to this podcast a more stable design.

But I do want to ephasize that once out of linear design, and you are in the construction phase, your parts will roll, tip-over, not store well. This fact will add inefficiencies into your shop and bring in unforeseen quality issues.

These issues must be thought of, and become part of your design process.


Anonymous said...

This is a great point. As you said Neil, you only make a balance mistake once. I was building a wall cabinet with stained glass doors - you see where this is going - and hadn't taken ballance into account. The cabinet it's self was mostly stable, but I was using knife hinges, and didn't have them set exactly right. Now glass doors are heavy, and when they swing open... you lose any hope of balance.

Ironically at the time, I was listening to the radio. It was an interview with a scientist who had discovered at tortise species whose shell geometry let it roll back right side up should it ever tip over! Naturally I though, "gee, I wonder how stable my cabinet is?" So... balance, balance, balance.

Thanks Neil


neil said...

Cormac said:

I was building a wall cabinet with stained glass doors - you see where this is going.....

Oh man Cormac........TIMBER!!!!

It is such a horrible feeling.


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