Monday, March 28, 2011

WoodExpo Delivery from France

Late February 2011, Tommy MacDonald hosted the WoodExpo in Boston Massachusetts. The event was quite successful even garnering the title INTERNATIONAL WoodExpo when a perfectly executed entry arrived from France. Come and take a look at an object that worked the design process from form to construction to packaging and distribution. This magnificent entry from Ronaldo Messina living outside of Paris was just what the WoodExpo needed and is all about. Enjoy!!


Vic Hubbard said...

Nice Roland! That's a piece that really shows some ingenuity! I love the tapered curve. Thanks for highlighting this, Neil.

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hey was an ingenious way to participate. Ronaldo has been a very active member with the Forum, then design thread going back to the Bob Villa days.

I was pleasantly surprised on its arrival but at the same time not. As I told Ronaldo everybody in the world could have sent a pair of bookends but only one person did.

Best part is Ronaldo offered them to Gigi. She's been hounding me wondering what I was doing with them. She's happy now.

Vic, lots of good things happened through WoodExpo, this is just one of many positives.

Thanks Vic.....Neil

Ronaldo said...

Hi guys

I was really satisfied with the "tapered" curve, as it looks tapered
and gives something for the light
to catch on the surface. I would
now round a bit the top part or
taper the sides.

Glad Gigi enjoyed the gift =D

Just hope others will follow in
the coming expos.


David Pruett said...

International Wood Expo - 2011!

Awesome video Neil. What a wonderful pair of bookends. As I was watching you present them I felt the urge to examine the curve, taper, finish and grain with my own hands. Absolutely beautiful work Ronaldo! I had to smile as Ely gave them the little wiggle test after he assembled them . . . of course they passed the test with flying colors. Vive Le France!

Bruce Somers said...


Well, it's been a few months since the WoodExpo 2011 and catching your video is a great reminder of the fun we had admiring Ronaldo's contribution. Maybe next time you can tell everyone about his selection of wood species and the finish he used. From my perspective, I really liked how he used those angular ebony gussets to contrast with the gentle, tapered curves of the uprights. On top of that, just the feel of the finished wood is a sense I won't forget. Thanks for sharing the video with us.

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