Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lingerie Cabinet: Dry Fit then Glue - Episode 3

In this the third Webisode of "Building a Contemporary Lingerie Cabinet", we'll start by addressing our building "QUALITY" and how we should be aware of, and use, "Design Elements". Followed by a quick demonstartion on rounding our tenons, we then dry fit our parts and Glue-up our case.

We'll find our elusive "Square" carcase and leave the hardest part behind.

After this webisode, it's all about the "dressing".


David Pruett said...


Neil - Awesome job. Thanks for mentioning dust covers, a true extra sign of quality. I figured that was what the extra rails were for and you sure don't see a lot of dust covers with new construction. Quite the clamp up job! Very much looking forward to the progression of this project and whatever else you have in store! I very much like your style. This was very nice to view after a hard day at work!

Gary said...

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I do have a few questions...
Are the rear rails ash or a secondary wood? You mentioned wafers (biscuits), however, I did not see where you applied them, did I miss it? Was your veneer applied with a vacuum or clamps / weights?

Anyway... I just found this blog-cast and I find it fantastic... thanks again for for considering all of us who love this art.

Anonymous said...

Neil - wow what can i say. i finally got caught up enough to watch ep. 3. i really like the way you just concentrated on the set up & gluing of the cabinet. it will be very helpful when i am ready to glue. just being able to focus on just one aspect at a time works real well for me. some one more advanced may not think so but as i said before i'm the shade tree woodworker at best. my cabinet is constructed out of basic plywoodbut the wife will love it just the same. maybe as i get better i will begin to use better wood. all those clamps. no wonder your work is high quality. i do not have that many clamps but maybe i can put a couple of my old belts together to help make up the diff. your blogs are helping me get better and with my next paycheck i am going to take the advice of david pruett and buy the video. well thanks again and don't take any wooden nickles

your comrad in wood,
ed - ephrata, washington

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