Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lingerie Cabinet - Skirt Feet and Top Episode 4

We find ourselves in Webisode 4 of Building a Contemporary Lingerie Cabinet, machining parts to attach our polished aluminium feet, properly skirting the cabinet base for higher quality, cutting our Back Panel and edge banding our quarter sawn ash top.

We'll prove our square cabinet glue-up and further test our glue-up skills when edge banding our top.

It's an intense episode. Enjoy!!!!


David said...

Neil -

Awesome job again! Very timely presentation on edge banding. I had a pad of paper beside my computer and was busy making notes. Always something to learn! Looking forward to the veneer press.

Thanks again for a great site.


Anonymous said...

a little less elevator music please. It tends to distract from what you are doing and saying.

canuckdon said...

Neil, I learned of you through LumberJocks. Thanks for your awesome site. I plan to spend a lot of time here and am certain that it will be a good learning experience.

I ordered your DVD, and am sorry that I didn't note the offer for a T-shirt which I would have added to the order.

I'm curious about a technique that you used when cutting the blanks that you placed under the aluminum legs for the Lingerie Cabinet.

You cross-cut using the fence. I've always understood that to be rather dangerous in terms of kick-back. I would appreciate your rational behind this.


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