Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ep 10 Carlo Mollino 01

So welcome to the world of Carlo. Carlo Mollino that is. This is the first Episode of interpretting a glass top coffee table, inspired by Italian Designer Carlo Mollino.

It's a bent plywood piece that we'll produce with a finished surface of Bird-eye Maple and maple trim.

Furniture design moves forward and stalls then forward again only to stall, Carlo Mollino was a Furniture Designer always in forward position.

Come along for the ride as we investigate the life and interprret one of his famous pieces. It's a complex build but Carlo wouldn't have it any other way.

So hop in the Bisiluro and lets go!!!!!

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


David said...

Neil -

Well what a ride you have your fellow woodworkers on with your Furnitolgy Blog! This is going to be a great project. You are in rare form in this episode. I really like getting to see the design process. Of course, I am very much looking forward to additional work with the vacuum press. That is a beautiful piece of birs eye mple veneer!

I like the new wide format.

What a cool ride the Bisiluro . . .


Dave said...


With all the cookie cutter shows out there, you bring something different to the table. There's more to woodworking than working with wood. The more I watch and listen to you, the more I realize that.

Thank you for taking the time to let us watch you as you work.

Ace HoleInOne said...

That’s the version of Google I like. Don’t know about you. My projects get started faster with paper and pencil and…eraser.

Thanks for the kick in the pants. I like your spirit to try things, different things. How you break it down, remove the mystery. There are those who show us how it’s done. You teach us how to get it done.

Ron said...


Great stuff! I really appreciate your perspective on projects and the detail you put into your videos.


canuckdon said...
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canuckdon said...

Neil, your enthusiasm is contagious.

Being a small wooden box maker, I sometimes fail to think outside the box, sort of speak.

I look forward to a vicarious Mallino experience.

Thanks, Canuckdon in Australia.

Ronaldo said...

you meant Zanotta ;)

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