Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Begin Woodworking - Milling Wood Parts - Part 7

So how do I look in my Zem Headphones by Sensgard. I can't hear you!!!

Actually we'll need hearing protection as we take to the table saw and I show you an approach to squaring lumber with our limited amount of tools available in the shop. Remember we are using (according to Part 1) Table saw, Sabre Saw, electric hand drill, chisels, dowel jig, block plane, workmate bench, sharpening equipment, router kit, and not much more. You don't need a shop full of tools to produce beautiful piece of furniture.

In Part 7 we dive into milling with the table saw, showing you just one of 3 approaches to milling with limited tools. After milling we go through the process of gluing up the top. Watch as we get a real good figured walnut surface for the top.

The Sawdust Chronicles Build Challenge is almost over and we have to be ready for the rest of the Sawdust competition. There's got to be a prize in this for me somewhere. Well I'm a judge and not eligible for an award. Oh well, the reward is seeing the craft grow. I can't wait to see who shows up to represent the Sawdust Challenge in Boston at the 2011 WoodExpo.

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