Friday, November 5, 2010

Start Woodworking - Shaping Parts---Part 8

To start woodworking, we've hooked-up with the 2010 Saw Dust Chronicles Build Challenge. The challenge has prizes galore, so what better way to improve your woodworking skills while at the same time picking up a woodworking prize.

The Dewalt router kit has me inticed and my prize of choice but since Tommy MacDonald of the TV show Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac, has enabled the winner to show his work at the 2011 WoodExpo, thats the real prize. Heck Glen Guarino and Allan Breed are going to be actively disussing woodworking there. One's a traditional craftsman, the other a contemporary builder. Exposure to that combination is rare and worth the price of admissions.

In this episode, we finish up dimensioning parts. We'll take it further and shape our table base parts, going through the building of a fixture using shop scraps and toogle clamps. Touching on that elusive and important router kit, we'll address collets and router bit shank size and discussion why a half inch shank at times is better suited than a 1/4 inch shank router bit. Assembly is next so be ready with that affordable dowel jig, you'll be impressed with what we build with a limited tool box.

A simple workmate bench and a flat surface is all the bench we need.



kosta said...

Im with you on the double stick tape. I have tried it before and it really doesnt hold anything thing in place.

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hey K ---- how are you???? I've been checked in with Rick and then saw your entry into the Challenge. GOOD WORK MAN!!!!!

You get it when it comes to the challenges. Your push to complete will prove its importance down the road.

YEAH...that double stick tape has its place but not always and especially when making multiple parts. I find if I'm template routing one or 2 pieces and depending on the material I'm using, I'll double stick tape but then freehand the router with a bearing bit not go to the router table or shaper.

The other thing is K and guys can be annoyed with this statement, but using push-pads in a shaping operation with double stick tape is out and out wrong. Another one of those observations that tells of experience. When you start adding shape to your work, it is safer to control the cutter-head than have the cutter-head control you by thinking you need push pads.

Kosta I want to again tell you: GOOD JOB on completing your challenge. You may not feel it now, but long term and at your age only good can come of your committment to finish. Hey I wonder what you are going to take home as a prize. Plenty to go around you will be getting something.

Thanks for the comment K ---- Neil

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