Friday, November 26, 2010

Start Woodworking - Dry Assembly - Part 9

Start woodworking by entering a build challenge. One such as the Saw Dust Chronicles Build Challenge and this is Part 9 of playing in a build challenge arena.

When you begin to woodwork, it can get confusing, but as part 9 shows, you do not need many tools to accomplish building a furniture object. We go through attaching our stones, yes to encourage a design option, I went with the stones, and dry assemble the entire base. Personally this approach I decided on has brought me back full circle to where I started woodworking with limted room and tools. Building this project for Rick Waters' Saw Dust Chronicles build challenge has really got me thinking about how woodworking is presented and how limted the internet presentation is.

Enjoy---- sit back and watch the design of our small table come to life.

Part 9 has really got the wheels spinning on another design based off this prototype.


Victor said...

Love it, Neil. The negativity is very much a positive!!

Larry Marshall said...

It's great to see someone showing people how to do fine woodworking without a lot of tools. Too many sit on the sidelines for lack of resources or space.

I applaud you as it's hard to do what you're doing when you're used to having all the tools. I've taught miniature furniture production and so I know the difficulties of showing people how to cut pieces with a zona saw when you have a pricey micro-table saw available :-)

Cheers --- Larry

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hey Vic....nice word play!!!!

I know its a beginning series, but for somebody as curious as yourself, think where we can go with that approach to making the base. How many combinations of shapes can we come up with and applied to the manufacturing environment.

As I mentioned in show notes, I've been spinning part shapes and sizes in my head, think coffee table, I see some furniture design possiblities.

I believe this prototype table has legs.......not as good as your word play, but I had to try!!! :^)

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hi Larry.......funny you mention the Zona, pulled my zona mitre jig and saw out to trim those dowels but felt it was another expense so went to just trimming with my old craftsman dovetail saw---I've really tried to stay with just those tools mentioned in part 1, but have had to add a clamp, trim those dowels, I am trying very seriously to stay with Rick's, Saw Dust mission of helping the beginning woodworker.

I have to tell you Larry, at first it was frustrating and seemed very time consuming, but then I really did go full circle on it and it brought back some forgotten long ago projects. It has also got me thinking about how the craft is presented to the "interested". Seems we find ourselves in a craft that can be intellectualized and probably loose some individuals due to confusion.

By the way.....its killing me not to go to my spindle sander on that torn part I didn't use.

It's been interesting Larry and thank you for your observation. I appreciate it.

Ronaldo said...

Hey neil

great video :)
and nice to see a brush on the bench!

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Rondo.......I love my bench brushes, I've got like 3 stroon around the shop so wherever I am; I can always provide a swipe. Lets not forget the fact that most of my splinters have occured from sweeping with my hand :^)

Hey Rondo....I see we've got another CNC T'd up in the Furniture Design topic. Interesting.


Vic Hubbard said...

I think you're right, Neil. The premise is great. The space it creates is VERY pleasing. Besides, introducing another earth element really takes it to another level of calm. People need that in their lives. I think they will gravitate to the design.

Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Vic....I believe I saw a quick glimpse of this Allan Peter's negative space approach in a Raymour Flanagan (North East furniture retailer)TV commercial. But not an enclosed negative space as I've invisioned. It was in the TV background and done with perfect circles. Went by so fast and haven't seen since.

Gigi feels how you do, but she wants to see beach glass incorporated on a larger piece, with the glass placed at different levels.

Lots of potential and options to play with.


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